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What is Pattern Recognition?

Our focus is frequently on “success,” in any way we define it. Yet, our greatest insights often come from our failures and obstacles. We can repeat our failures, but not repeat what made us successful. Whatever you’re doing and now matter how well you are doing it, you picked a path for yourself. This is your journey.  Let’s learn some new tools and insights that will make your path more fulfilling. This is why we created Pattern Recognition.

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In business – as well as our personal lives – we focus on success. We would argue that we should focus more on failures and accepting them. This is your professional journey – you started it, chose it. Most of us move forward by sheer force of will … until that no longer works. We move forward with our best asset – a sharp mind, a winning smile, being politically savvy, whatever. Until those no longer work.

How about we try this again. Celebrated Author and Board Advisor Todd Wilms is innately curious about transition into something new – new job, new company, new role, new location, or just a new you. It’s all new – no person ever enters the same river twice. New river and new you.

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